Aquacare Sodium Hypochlorite is produced by electrolysis of high grade salt, producing a chlorine content of about 0.96% or (9,600 ppm or mg/L). The salt base, rather than dangerous caustic (as in high strength hypo) means that it has a pH of about 9.7 which is more neutral than other products. As a result there is a reduced requirement for pH correction which can result in considerable savings.

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Our product is not classified as dangerous goods and is completely biodegradable. No special storage or staff training are required.

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Cost effective:

Per kg of chlorine, 1% Sodium Hypochlorite is the most economical form of chlorination apart from deadly chlorine gas.

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Liquid chlorine breaks down over time when stored. With on-site generation generally the chlorine is made the day before it is used which results in a more consistent chlorine concentration.

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Aquacare Hypo has multiple uses. As expected it is a very effective water disinfectant, but it is also widely used in laundries, for disinfecting food handling processes, for cleaning bathrooms, toilets & pool surrounds and is a great moss & algae killer.

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Our reliable and friendly approach to business has resulted in a 100% customer retention – we have never been asked to remove one of our AHC’s!