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New Plymouth Okato

June 2018

Approximately 45min drive from New Plymouth we squeezed a nice little 5kg unit into a tight little plant room. Previously on high strength.

New Plymouth Inglewood

June 2018

Previously on high strength we installed 5kg machine with 1200L of onsite storage.

New Plymouth Todd Energy Outdoor

June 2018

After a successful 17-18 season with the new 1% generator at Waitara pool we were asked to convert the Todd Energy outdoor pool from gas to 1% and installed a 20kg machine to cover their outdoor 50m pool and dive well. "You can’t put a price on safety"

New Wanaka Pool

April 2018

Current provider of chlorine at the Wanaka Pool. We were asked to install a generator at the new Wanaka complex. A tidy 15kg unit.

Ocean Spa Napier

October 2017

We visited Ocean Spa in July 2017. They had previously purchased and owned their own 1% generator and liked the concept. They wanted more reliability and to wipe their hands of ongoing maintenance. Aquacare moved in and completed the install of a 10Kg generator along with rotameter dosing system.

New Plymouth Waitara Pool

October 2017

We met Mike and his team at the Jaws conference Aug 2017. No longer wanting to deal with the hazards and headaches revolving around chlorine gas. We moved in and made the conversion to 1% ready for the pool to open in November for the summer season.

Masterton Pool

Decided to look to the future. No longer did they want all the hang ups with their ageing gas system setup. We installed two of our 1% generators. A 15kg to cover the indoor pools and a 20kg to cover the outdoor seasonal pools.

Huia Swimming Pool

June 2017

After being extremely happy with our service for the past 9 years Huia Pool have decided to add another unit for their new pool extension.

Clive War Memorial Pool

April 2014

During the recent $2m upgrade, the chlorination system was also upgraded to our on-site generated 1% chlorine. The staff love how easy it is to use compared to the hazardous bulk delivered chlorine used previously.

Mt Albert Aquatic Centre

November 2013

After an incident involving a leaking 13% chlorine tank, Mt Albert Aquatic Centre decided it was time to switch to Aquacare's non-hazardous on site generated chlorine.
As there was no free wall space available, we used a freestanding unit.

Te Awamutu Events Centre

September 2013

Matt Horne knew about Aquacare from his time at Hamilton City Council. He now works for the Go Waipa Trust which took over the running of the Te Awamutu Events Centre on 16 September. He booked us in and we installed our unit and were dosing their pools by the end of the day on the 16th as promised.

Kapiti District Council

May - September 2013

Alison Law was familiar with our product and service from her time at H2O Extreme in Upper Hutt, in her new role at Kapiti District Council she got us to convert all 3 of their pools to 1% chlorine, including the new Coastlands Aquatic Centre.

Hilton Brown Swimming, Albany

April 2012

Having a tonne of chlorine gas in the car park was no longer acceptable for Hilton Brown Swimming. We now supply all their Auckland sites with our non-hazardous 1% chlorine.

Swimgym Howick

January 2012

This swim school is essentially in a shopping centre, so the use of our non-hazardous chlorine was a no brainer! Director of coaching, Horst Meihe loves the ease of use of our system.

Timaru District Council Summer Pools

October 2011

Maori Park, Temuka, Geraldine, Pleasant Point and Caroline Bay Paddling pool are now all enjoying the benefits of the AHC system. The new CBAY Aquatic centre, opening later this year will also be using an AHC.

Thorndon Summer Pool, Wellington

October 2011

This summer pool was built in the 1920s and is popular with city office workers and locals. They are now enjoying the benefits of not having hazardous substances on site.

Takapuna Aquatic Centre, North Shore Leisure, Auckland Council

May 2011

When this pool was opened by the Honourable J. A. Walding, Minister of Recreation and Sport on May 26, 1975 – chlorine gas was the way to go!
After safety concerns in recent years they decided to switch to Aquacare 1% chlorine.

Hilton Brown Swim School – Havelock North

March 2011

This well established swim school in the heart of Havelock North is now enjoying the cost savings and safety aspects of switching to Aquacare 1% chlorine compared to bulk hypo.

Hilton Brown Swim School – One Tree Hill

January 2011

This is the latest facility in the Hilton Brown Swimming chain.
There was not much spare space in the plant room of this busy swim school, but our compact installation meant that they could still enjoy the benefits of non-hazardous chlorine.

Whakatane Pool

December 2010

Previously using Chlorine gas and bulk hypo, this indoor / outdoor pool complex was converted to Aquacare 1% hypo.

Northern Arena Pool, Silverdale

December 2010

This exciting new pool facility is on Aquacare 1% hypo.

Dunedin City Council Summer Pools

August 2010

St Clare, Port Chalmers & Mosgiel Pools, all previously on Calcium Hypochlorite were converted to Aquacare 1% hypo