Our Services

At Aquacare AHC we sell chlorine, not chlorine generators. We install, service and upgrade the AHC’s free of charge, we even supply the salt that the unit uses. You only pay for the chlorine that you use.

We make things hassle free


Each AHC is equipped with a cell phone that sends me a text message if any alarm conditions arise. We can also control and diagnose problems by text message. In the unlikely event of an alarm, we can usually diagnose the problem before the customer even sees the alarm message on the AHC’s screen. The modular nature of our AHC’s means that our service agents can easily and quickly swap out parts if required.

If the AHC is not making chlorine, then we are not making money – so it’s in everyone’s best interest that any problems are fixed quickly with no disruption to the customers operation.

We are efficient

Our chlorine storage tank with 3-5 day’s capacity gives extra assurance as we can generally be on site within 48 hours anywhere in NZ.

AHC’s at seasonal facilities like summer only pools can be started up and shut down for the season via text message.

Regular maintenance provided

Routine maintenance is carried out on all AHC’s twice a year.

No facility is too big

There is no maximum limit to the size of AHC that we can produce, but generally the smallest facility that we would service would have to consume 2kg Cl2 per day for at least a 3 month season.